Saturday, 8 September 2012

My bad skin and how I cleared it!

Hey hey!

So as some of you know, I've had almost perfect skin pretty much my whole life. I mean, I'd get the occasional break out if I left my makeup on overnight or something, but overall, it was pretty good.
But in about July last year it started getting worse and worse. I still don't know what caused it; I think it was the makeup I was using (Revlon Colourstay)... So I changed foundation brands over and over again to try and find something better. Switched to a cleanser for sensitive skin. But nothing was changing.

 My skin was constantly broken out, even though I became compulsive about washing my face morning and night. I used all sorts of D.I.Y treatments to try and get rid of them. I started becoming really self conscious about my skin. All my friends were noticing, same with my parents and I just had no clue how to get rid of it. I was uncomfortable letting people see my naked face, which had never been an issue for me before.
But then...

In comes my beautician friend Bobbi!!! About 2 months ago she suggested I try Arbonne's Clear Advantage acne solution treatment. She told me she'd been hearing lots of good things about it, and she knew a girl who's skin had gotten significantly better after just a week on Clear Advantage! So, desperate, I thought I'd give it a go.

Basically it's a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and a spot solution gel/cream. You use everything twice a day, so of course I read the instructions and followed them exactly. And sure enough, within A WEEK, my skin already looked better! I kept using it until I used everything up (which lasted about 5 weeks), and I noticed a drastic change in my skin. No, my skin is still not great, and I do have a lot of scarring. But the breakouts are gone and haven't come back! I will elaborate further in a bit, but here's the photos...

This was my skin on Day 1, right as I was about to go to sleep. Pretty terrible photo because it's so close up but there's not really any other way of showing you how bad my skin was.

After 1 WEEK on Clear Advantage!! Isn't the difference just amazing???

After 5 weeks on Clear Advantage. I had used up everything by this point. Now I'm SO MUCH happier with my skin! I even went to a rehearsal at uni with no makeup on because it's that much better. As you can see, it's not perfect, I still have scarring and I'm finding out the best way to get rid of that... but it's easy enough to cover with makeup (btw my foundation is the Nude by Nature liquid foundation. I love love love it because it's a buildable coverage and it doesn't make my skin break out!)
So what now? I asked Bobbi what I should use on my face now, as I now have no more acne to get rid of. She suggested Arbonne's Fc5 products- a cleanser/toner, moisturiser, and a powder which works kinda like a primer as well. So I've been using that for a week now and my skin is looking great! You're supposed to put the powder on before the moisturiser, and then put your makeup over the top of it, which I do. However, I also use the powder like a normal face powder. And omg, my makeup lasts SO LONG! Not even joking, I applied my makeup at 8am the other morning, and when I took it off at 11pm it haven't even moved.

This stuff has seriously changed my life. I would recommend it to EVERYONE! It's a little on the pricey side but it's so worth it when you see the difference it makes to your skin!!

So you can buy everything on the Arbonne website. Prices are all on there. I'm pretty sure you can buy it and then have it shipped :) That's what I did with the Fc5 anyway, because of course I got the Clear Advantage from Bobbi :)

Here's photos of the 2 sets I used.

The Clear Advantage: Cleanser, Toner, Moisturiser and Spot Solution cream.

The Fc5: Cleanser/Toner, Day Lotion, and Mattifying Powder.

So there we have it!!! My review on Arbonne, AKA my new best friend, AKA the love of my life. I WILL RECOMMEND THIS STUFF TO EVERYONE! I'M SO HAPPY :D

Hope this review was helpful to you and I'll be sure to write soon :)