Saturday, 17 August 2013

Health kick


Argh! I'm a horrible, horrible blogger. Sorry :(

So what's new? I'm back at uni, my last semester ever before I finish my degree! Cray cray!! It's looking like it's going to be pretty full on...

I've gotten lots of acting work over the last few months- even some paid stuff which has been great! In particular I had a small part written for me in a feature film called The Silent City, which is a film noir and is shaping up to be absolutely fantastic. Looking like it's going to be premiering in February 2014 :) So blessed that I got to have a role in it and work with such a talented cast and crew!

Thought I'd blog about the health kick I've been on over the last few weeks. About a year ago, I put on around 7kg from binge eating and drinking after a bad breakup and I've never really been able to lose the weight. I try, lose a kilo or two, then give up coz I'm bored and like food too much. But I'm in the right headspace this time. I've been doing things my way, instead of how other people tell me to do it, and it's been 3 weeks now and I'm feeling good :) Haven't really lost any weight yet (half a kilo) which is kind of disappointing but I know my body is thanking me for exercising and eating healthy and hopefully results will show soon.

I've been on Tumblr a lot and have followed a bunch of healthy eating and fitness blogs, as well as looking up healthy recipes almost daily. I've also been watching YouTube videos on diet and exercise (SO many workouts on YouTube! They're great!!) and have been buying health and fitness magazines like Oxygen and Women's Health so I can learn about different foods and exercises and what they are doing for my body. Basically I'm doing everything I can to keep myself interested.

I'll share some photos from Tumblr and various blogs that have inspired me and motivated me :)


Catch you on the flip side peopleeeeeee :D

Taylor xxx