Saturday, 17 August 2013

Health kick


Argh! I'm a horrible, horrible blogger. Sorry :(

So what's new? I'm back at uni, my last semester ever before I finish my degree! Cray cray!! It's looking like it's going to be pretty full on...

I've gotten lots of acting work over the last few months- even some paid stuff which has been great! In particular I had a small part written for me in a feature film called The Silent City, which is a film noir and is shaping up to be absolutely fantastic. Looking like it's going to be premiering in February 2014 :) So blessed that I got to have a role in it and work with such a talented cast and crew!

Thought I'd blog about the health kick I've been on over the last few weeks. About a year ago, I put on around 7kg from binge eating and drinking after a bad breakup and I've never really been able to lose the weight. I try, lose a kilo or two, then give up coz I'm bored and like food too much. But I'm in the right headspace this time. I've been doing things my way, instead of how other people tell me to do it, and it's been 3 weeks now and I'm feeling good :) Haven't really lost any weight yet (half a kilo) which is kind of disappointing but I know my body is thanking me for exercising and eating healthy and hopefully results will show soon.

I've been on Tumblr a lot and have followed a bunch of healthy eating and fitness blogs, as well as looking up healthy recipes almost daily. I've also been watching YouTube videos on diet and exercise (SO many workouts on YouTube! They're great!!) and have been buying health and fitness magazines like Oxygen and Women's Health so I can learn about different foods and exercises and what they are doing for my body. Basically I'm doing everything I can to keep myself interested.

I'll share some photos from Tumblr and various blogs that have inspired me and motivated me :)


Catch you on the flip side peopleeeeeee :D

Taylor xxx

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Tumblr Wannabe

Hey there!

Thought I'd share some photos from the recent shoot I did with Rachel Farag Photo and Design. I've never really done a photoshoot before so this was very new for me! I felt kinda awkward at first but I got used to it and I'm happy with how they turned out. Hopefully there will be many more photoshoots to come!

Oh and before you ask- it's a herbal cigarette that I'm smoking. No nicotine and no tobacco. However as I've never smoked before, I give you permission to go ahead and laugh because apparently I'm not holding the cigarette properly :P


Friday, 15 February 2013

My acting career and your questions answered!!

Hi there,  sorry, I know it's been a while!

So this post is about acting. I'm constantly asked by my followers and new friends about my acting career, my performance degree and even how to become a working actor!
My aim is to try and answer as many questions as possible and to make you understand what working as an actor is like.

First and formost, I just want to clear up one thing. I call myself an actor because it is primarily what I do. I am literally acting all the time. I am constantly involved in stage productions, short films, extra work on feature films, and I even act on my comedy channel on YouTube! HOWEVER, I have only had one paid acting job thus far, have never had a paid speaking role and am a long, long way away from becoming successful!! Thankfully, I have an agent now, and once I get my headshots and everything done, I should be getting some more paid work, which will be nice.

So, what does acting mean to me? I recently got back from a trip to America and while I was over there, I asked my grandma what her first memories of me acting were. She started laughing and said "The way you CRAWLED was dramatic!!". From the time I could talk, my family and family friends were telling my parents to put me in acting school. I had a lot of energy and was, well, a drama queen! If you look at old pictures of me, you see me pulling ridiculous faces and posing, which has basically stayed the same throughout my entire life. When I was 5 or 6, I first started drama school. I absolutely loved it, but it was just a hobby for me. I got too excited by all the pretty dresses and would play with my hair and spin around in circles after I said each line. Try to imagine that.

I got involved with a few other hobbies after that (mainly Tae-Kwon-Do) but I still needed somewhere to channel all of my creative energy so I went back to acting school again when I was 12. This was a time where I was going through absolute hell at school. I was completely miserable, coming home from school crying every day due to bullying. But for one hour a week, I didn't have to deal with my problems. I got to be another character. With a different name and a different physicality and different mannerisms and different problems in a world completely separate from my own. It was my little escape. Everything going on in my life vanished and my whole body would just be filled with little bubbles of happiness!!! Once I realised that I actually had some talent (I was cast in main roles for years at this drama school) I gained confidence, not just in my acting ability, but in myself. I was able to overcome my problems at school and start to like myself as a person again and be comfortable in my own skin.

After I realised how much acting had helped me, I knew that this was what I had to do with my life. If I can act, I am a happy social butterfly! If I'm not acting for a while, I get sad and withdraw from people more. I got through highschool by trying my absolute hardest in all of my drama classes, and usually ending up at the top of my class. I actually went to 2 different highschools and I left both schools with the Drama Award, that they give to one student each year.

When it came to thinking about university, I wasn't sure if I should go. I knew that there were performance degrees (there was literally no other degree that I would even consider taking, as there is nothing I am as passionate about besides acting) but I wasn't sure where that would get me and I thought I should just get out there in the real world and just make my dream happen! But oh my goodness, am I glad I decided to go to uni. There was so, so much I still had to learn.
So, my course. It's a mix of theory and practical work. I'm about to enter my third and final year, and by the end of my degree, I will have learnt how to properly perform Shakespeare's work and understand his verse, how to stage fight, how to use my voice to it's full capacity and avoid vocal strain and injury, different acting techniques from actors around the world to help me play a role better, different exercises I can do so I can fully understand a character and become the character in order to give a truthful performance, how to direct performances, how to devise performances... I will have learnt how broad the term 'theatre' actually is. I will have learnt different genres of performance, some that I have never even heard of before. I will speak to industry professionals who will help me network and give me advice on how to actually make it in the business. I will gain experience working on both major and student-directed productions (both acting, and in backstage in roles like stage managing and costume designing). I will written thousands of words on acting techniques, famous playwrights and their legacies, and analyse the significance of dramatic texts and the influence they had on society. I will have directed 2 short plays (Hint: If you want to act, directing something, however small it is, helps. As a director, you learn what you want from your actors and it helps you to become a better actor and take direction better). I will have gone to watch several productions that I'm not involved with, all which have just made me love the industry more and motivate me that much further.
As you can see, it's kept me pretty busy! And if I didn't love it so unbelievably much, I would have dropped out from the stress.

Once I finish, I plan on moving to Los Angeles. With the other hundreds of thousands of hopeful actors... Go ahead, roll your eyes. I'm used to it. But I'm a big believer in following your instincts. I've been to LA twice now and both times I felt a pull to the city and it just felt like it was the place for me. I know there's about a hundred times more competition there than where I am now, but I will also have more auditions and hopefully more work. You learn something from every single audition you go to, and I plan to take all the advice I get and work on it to better myself as an actor. I've done my research. I know how hard it is. But I want it more than I've ever wanted anything. So I'm going to go, and keep working at it, and keep working at it, until I do it.

Now this blog is getting pretty long and you've heard enough about me. Time for me to give you my advice on how you can be an actor (and I do get asked this a lot).

I'm going to be brutally honest here. I have way too many people coming up to me and saying "Oh, Taylor, I really want to act but I just don't even know where to start,". This makes me angry. Are you an infant? Are you incapable of going out and finding things out for yourself? You are never going to get any work if you sit around waiting for it to come your way. I'm going to say something that I say to everyone who says they want to act (and I've heard several other people say the same thing)- If you do not need to act like you need to breathe, you do not need to act. If you can think of ANYTHING else, and I mean ANYTHING, that you can make a career out of besides acting, go do that. The acting world is way too competitive and full of too many rejections and heartbreak that if you don't want it as badly as those that do, then you don't deserve the chance. Hey, I said I was being brutal. NOW, if you DO need to act like you need to breathe, I'm going to put all of my judgment aside (why haven't you done something about it before now????) and try and give some advice.

1) Get some training. Get some more training. Get even more training. Even if you think you're already an amazing actor, you can always be better. Even the best actors are always improving themselves. Use the Google on the Internet machine and find out what short acting classes are running near you. These can be a day long, a couple of weeks to a couple of months. Take every training opportunity you get. Actually getting a degree in acting will be hugely beneficial. Think about how much you'll learn in 3 or 4 years compared to just a few months.

2) Be pro active. Get up off your bum and stop waiting for opportunities to come to you. You need to go out looking for them. Again, Google, Google, Google! Find any agencies near you that let you know about casting calls. Several websites post acting jobs that you can apply for (a lot of them are paid, too!) and it only costs a couple of dollars a month to be a member. Do you know any student filmmakers? Let them know if they're looking for an actor, they can count on you. If you are not a successful actor yet, student films are not below you. You never know how talented the filmmakers are, and who knows? The film could go places you'd never imagine and give you some exposure! Take every single opportunity that comes your way, even ones that you think are silly. Add them to your resume. A bigger resume is always going to be more impressive than a smaller resume! And that brings me to my next point...

3) You need a few basic tools. You need a resume. This should include any film work, television work (TV series or commercials), stage work, and training. Visit acting agencies' websites and check out their talent- you can usually view their resume which will give you an idea on how to set yours out so it looks professional. You also need a few headshots. Get a professional photographer to take them for you. Almost every casting agent will require a headshot from you before they decide if you're even right to audition. A voice demo reel also helps, if you can sing or do different accents. You also need an agent. They will help you get work if you're not having much luck looking by yourself. Many directors will go through agents first before they start looking for freelance actors. One thing to consider is that agents only look for paid work for you. That way, they can profit from it. There is lots of work out there that is not paid, and you need to find those jobs yourself!

4) Make connections. Network. We've all heard it before, but "It's not what you know, it's who you know". Just the other night I went to a networking event where I met tons of fellow actors (several who were pretty accomplished) as well as directors, producers, cinematographers, scriptwriters... Make connections. Let them know who you are, what you do, and that you would love to work with them. And give them a way to contact you.

5) Decide if where you are living now is suitable for launching a successful acting career. If you live in a country town that only has 200 people living there, you're going to have to move eventually. Move somewhere where there are more opportunities for you. Make a name for yourself and make sure you have a fan base, and have done at least a few successful jobs, otherwise noone in Hollywood will take you seriously (I'm just talking about if you want to go to Hollywood!)

I'm not going to give any advice on how to make it in Los Angeles as that would be improper of me. I am in no position to give that advice as I don't live in Los Angeles and I haven't "made it" in the slightest. That is up to you (Google again, it's your friend!!!). I have a lot of work to go but I think with my determination I can hopefully get enough work over there to make a living. I am not looking to be famous. Just to be paid for doing what makes me happiest.

So wow, this blog was ridiculously long. But I hope it answered all of your questions. Again, I just want to stress that I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL ACTOR. I haven't even had a paid speaking role yet. But I don't sit around dreaming about it, I'm actually making it happen. It's a very slow process, but one day, guys. One day :)

Lots of love,
Taylor xxx

Saturday, 8 September 2012

My bad skin and how I cleared it!

Hey hey!

So as some of you know, I've had almost perfect skin pretty much my whole life. I mean, I'd get the occasional break out if I left my makeup on overnight or something, but overall, it was pretty good.
But in about July last year it started getting worse and worse. I still don't know what caused it; I think it was the makeup I was using (Revlon Colourstay)... So I changed foundation brands over and over again to try and find something better. Switched to a cleanser for sensitive skin. But nothing was changing.

 My skin was constantly broken out, even though I became compulsive about washing my face morning and night. I used all sorts of D.I.Y treatments to try and get rid of them. I started becoming really self conscious about my skin. All my friends were noticing, same with my parents and I just had no clue how to get rid of it. I was uncomfortable letting people see my naked face, which had never been an issue for me before.
But then...

In comes my beautician friend Bobbi!!! About 2 months ago she suggested I try Arbonne's Clear Advantage acne solution treatment. She told me she'd been hearing lots of good things about it, and she knew a girl who's skin had gotten significantly better after just a week on Clear Advantage! So, desperate, I thought I'd give it a go.

Basically it's a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and a spot solution gel/cream. You use everything twice a day, so of course I read the instructions and followed them exactly. And sure enough, within A WEEK, my skin already looked better! I kept using it until I used everything up (which lasted about 5 weeks), and I noticed a drastic change in my skin. No, my skin is still not great, and I do have a lot of scarring. But the breakouts are gone and haven't come back! I will elaborate further in a bit, but here's the photos...

This was my skin on Day 1, right as I was about to go to sleep. Pretty terrible photo because it's so close up but there's not really any other way of showing you how bad my skin was.

After 1 WEEK on Clear Advantage!! Isn't the difference just amazing???

After 5 weeks on Clear Advantage. I had used up everything by this point. Now I'm SO MUCH happier with my skin! I even went to a rehearsal at uni with no makeup on because it's that much better. As you can see, it's not perfect, I still have scarring and I'm finding out the best way to get rid of that... but it's easy enough to cover with makeup (btw my foundation is the Nude by Nature liquid foundation. I love love love it because it's a buildable coverage and it doesn't make my skin break out!)
So what now? I asked Bobbi what I should use on my face now, as I now have no more acne to get rid of. She suggested Arbonne's Fc5 products- a cleanser/toner, moisturiser, and a powder which works kinda like a primer as well. So I've been using that for a week now and my skin is looking great! You're supposed to put the powder on before the moisturiser, and then put your makeup over the top of it, which I do. However, I also use the powder like a normal face powder. And omg, my makeup lasts SO LONG! Not even joking, I applied my makeup at 8am the other morning, and when I took it off at 11pm it haven't even moved.

This stuff has seriously changed my life. I would recommend it to EVERYONE! It's a little on the pricey side but it's so worth it when you see the difference it makes to your skin!!

So you can buy everything on the Arbonne website. Prices are all on there. I'm pretty sure you can buy it and then have it shipped :) That's what I did with the Fc5 anyway, because of course I got the Clear Advantage from Bobbi :)

Here's photos of the 2 sets I used.

The Clear Advantage: Cleanser, Toner, Moisturiser and Spot Solution cream.

The Fc5: Cleanser/Toner, Day Lotion, and Mattifying Powder.

So there we have it!!! My review on Arbonne, AKA my new best friend, AKA the love of my life. I WILL RECOMMEND THIS STUFF TO EVERYONE! I'M SO HAPPY :D

Hope this review was helpful to you and I'll be sure to write soon :)

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Bali Holiday!

Hey y'all!

So I know I said I'd post more frequently, but honestly, I haven't had time. I actually just got back from a 9 day trip to Bali- I went with uni friends and it was AMAZING!!!!
To make up for my absence, I thought I'd post some pictures from the trip :) Hope you enjoy :)

My first meal- nasi goreng. Chicken was too spicy for me but the rice was delicious! Shame about the major indigestion later :/

View of the beach from around the back of the Discovery Mall, a massive shopping centre just down the road from our hotel (FYI, we stayed in the Oasis Kuta. I'd recommend it if you're looking for something very cheap and basic...)

Our hotel pool, so gorgeous, and the temperature was just right :) Spent a lot of my time lying on those chairs, getting my tan on!

Muffins from Bread Talk. In case you were wondering, 8.000 rupiah converts to about 80c... yes, you read it right :D

I swear I bought cocktails just for the decorations. Too pretty!!

I got a henna (temporary!!!!!!) tattoo, yo. Was pretty cool, lasted about a week and a half.

Don't know why this photo turned out so blurry. My wonderful friends surprised me on my birthday dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant with this mouthwatering piece of mudcake... Om nom nom.

The view from the top of Sky Garden- a club. I wish the clubs in Perth were more like this :/

The front of Waterbom Park... What is it? Well, it's what it sounds like. And it's freaking awesome.

One of the most picturesque places I've ever seen. Got to eat dinner here :) It's called The Blue Marlin cafe, in Jimbaran Bay. Seriously, if you ever go to Bali, GO THERE and watch the sunset!!!

Breathtakingly beautiful Bali sunset

Buy 1 get 1 free cocktails... Yep, I am all over that.

Crappy imitation bags they sell in the markets. No, I didn't buy a bag, but I bought a few t-shirts. I found it so tricky bartering with them so I didn't get ripped off!

A big event was happening at Turtle Beach, we were lucky enough to witness it! We each got a 1-day old baby turtle (I named mine Monsieur Parouche. He seemed French.) and got to release it into the ocean :D Cutest. Thing. Ever.

Bali Cider- so yummy! And my lips are blue coz I'd had this crappy pre-mixed bottled stuff before called Mix-Max... and it turned my lips blue. So yeah.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!!! I should be posting a video soon, I just have no editing software atm which makes making videos impossible :/ Sorry for keeping you waiting so long!!!

Love, Taylor