Saturday, 2 July 2011

My 18th!

It's been a while. To be perfectly honest, I've had nothing even remotely interesting to post. So I haven't.
Buttttt a few days ago it was my 18th, and I think that's definitely worthy of a post, wouldn't you agree? :)

Had an amazing day! The weather was terrible, rain was pouring down and I think there was a thunderstorm at one point. Anyway Mum, the best friend and I went to go see Bridesmaids in the morning. OMG, sooooooo funny. The whole theatre was literally in hysterics. Judd Apatow is actually a legend, he does so many of my favourite films. If you haven't seen it, GO AND SEE IT NOW!!!

Then the bestie had to leave because she had work, so Mum and I drove into the city, to an outlet mall which I will not reveal the name of, coz, ya know, I don't want all of my followers who clearly stalk me (all 3 followers! cue gasps!) to find out where I live and creep me out...
So yeah, Mum took me on a shopping spree. As I'm writing this, I realise I probably should have taken pictures of what I bought. But I can't be bothered. Meh. I'll do it later. Bought a lot of really cute stuff, as well as a cute leopard print dress for clubbing (only $7!) and a gorgeous red dress for my party!

Went home and checked the Facebook- overwhelmed with the amount of Happy Birthday messages I received (I have the most amazing friends!!!) and then got ready to go out for dinner. The family and I went out to this teppanyaki restaurant in the city. If you've never had teppanyaki, again, you're missing out. It's an Asian cuisine where they cook all the food in front of you but it's like a show and they do all of these tricks. It's hard to explain. Here's a picture.

Got my first legal drink! A Japanese slipper, which I thinkkkk is Midori, Contreau and lime juice or something? I don't remember. Correct me if I'm wrong. I found it way too strong so I just got a vodka and diet coke after that, which was much  better :)

Next day I got to enjoy the full advantages of being 18! A nice boy took me out for dinner which was lovely, then my girls came around for pre-drinks and we went clubbing!!! Words cannot describe its awesomeness. Met so many nice people and danced the night away, lived my life and stayed out on the floor :P I think I could go clubbing every night. Actually, no, I couldn't. But it was really cool okay!!!!!
This is what I wore...

Dress- Valleygirl
Tights- Equip
Wedges- Rubi Shoes
Cross earrings- Sportsgirl

Then I had 2 days to sort of recover, and summon my strength for my party on Friday night! Spent two and a half hours getting ready ahaha!

Loving the big 18 cup that the bestie bought me :)

Had an incredible night. Realised again how lucky and blessed I am to have the friends that I have. Not only do they know how to party (:P) but they are the sweetest, friendliest, helpful, most genuine people I could ever hope to have in my life.
Drank quite a lot so there are large chunks of the night that I don't really remember, but oh my goodness did I have fun.

Literally spent the entire day recovering today. Sore throat and haven't gotten out of bed, and its 6:17pm. Ugh. But hey, it was worth it! :)

So I have 5 Facebook notifications that are glaring at me and clearly want to be answered so I'd better go attend to those. I'll post more later! xxx

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