Friday, 22 July 2011

The Ending of my Childhood

It was a cold, rainy night on Friday the 22nd July 2011. The weather seemed  to know what was coming, and the sound of the rain almost sounded like the taunting of the producers whispering “It all ends… tonight!”.
I entered the cinema with my family, feeling mixed emotions- excited at how the last Harry Potter flick would turn out, but also dreading the feeling of loss and emptiness I know I would experience when it finished.
The film itself? The whole way through I was fascinated, kept in suspense, my eyes glued to the screen. I felt everything the characters felt, and yes, I cried like a baby. It was a brilliant piece of work I think!
And when I came out… it felt like there was a piece of me missing. The part where my childhood memories were. The last decade of my life, I was obsessed with the books and the films, my world revolved around when the next instalment would come out. Harry Potter taught me to believe that anything is possible!
And now it’s over.
Other fanatics like myself probably understand the loss I’m feeling. But you know, Harry Potter is not really over. The story goes on, in our hearts.
Yeah I’m not very poetic haha. I’m just a total freak with no other way of expressing my thoughts. So yeah. Toodles :)

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