Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Boho debut and rain

Hello lovelies!

                  Maxi skirt: Chicabooti, $15 (sale)
                  Bandeau top: Chicabooti, $5 (sale)
                  Denim jacket: Chicabooti, $20 (sale)
                  Black singlet: got it ages ago...
                  Flats: Factorie, $13 (sale)
                  Necklace: Equip, $3 (sale)
                  Karma ties (bracelets): Equip, $10

As you can see, I quite like sales ;)

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, uni started back up again last week and then I got terribly sick with a bad cold so haven't really had anything interesting to talk about!
Thought I'd just update you with what I'm wearing today! Nothing special, just had uni, but pretty much everything I'm wearing is new and I really wanted to wear it out! Probably wasn't the best choice of attire for the weather today (torrential downpours!!!) but meh, I was determined.
This outfit is I think quite bohemian which is not normally my style, but hey, it's good to change things up, right?
Oh, and it was comfyyyyyyyy :)

Hope you all have an excellent day and don't get soaked like I did this morning!!

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