Thursday, 18 August 2011

Somebody That I Used to Know

Hello my ham sandwiches,

Do you like me greeting you that way? Get used to it. All the cool kids are saying it. So, basically, just me.

Just felt like sharing this song with you. It's called "Somebody that I Used to Know" by Gotye and featuring Kimbra. He's an Australian artist so that automatically gives him bonus points from me :) This song is absolutely AMAZING and if you haven't heard it, you need to listen to it NOW. The lyrics are incredible, so true and honest. I have listened to this song at least 60 times over the last 3 days; I'm not even joking. I can relate to it so well- it describes perfectly a sort-of relationship I had with this guy. I'm not going into details but it's really special to me for personal reasons and never have I connected with a song this much.
So, check it out. It's taking Australia by storm! All of my friends are loving it- even the ones that don't listen to my kind of music so obviously it's good :) :)

The link to the music video (which also happens to be amazing) is here!

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