Sunday, 30 October 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!!! I hope you all have exciting plans for tonight (if you're into Halloween)!
I went to a party on Saturday night for my friend Violette's 20th, and it was Halloween themed. Had such a good night! Drank too much (what's new?) and ended up spooning with some friends on a fold out couch. It was great.

This is what I wore... I was a vampire! Rawr. Scary, right? ;) Sorry the outfit picture isn't that great. I was running late and didn't get to snap my outfit beforehand, and this was the best photo I could get. The wig ended up driving me crazy, so, in classy Taylor fashion, I whipped it off before the end of the night.

Would love to see pictures of your costumes! They can give me some ideas for next year ;)



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