Wednesday, 1 June 2011

I'm a tad pumped for winter!

Winter's finally here in Australia! So happy :) Rain today, rain yesterday, hopefully more rain tomorrow and the day after that and after that and yeah you get the point :) I like rain :) It gives me an excuse to sit around my house chilling and doing absolutely nothing. Plus there's hot chocolate! Om nom nom.
Now that winter's here it also means my birthday's coming up soon! Basically all I want for my birthday are clothes. I have some winter staples that I'm really into right now and these (if I don't have them already!) are on my wish list!!
Harem trousers! No, not genie pants, ones that you wear when you're lazy and can't find anything else to wear. I'm talking about nice, good-quality harem trousers. Im picturing an outfit that I could wear out for dinner involving these little babies, black wedge boots and a fitted black blazer. Sooo cute! :)
A black leather jacket. I honestly believe every girl should own at least one leather jacket. It's an essential! In a perfect world, I'd have one in black and one in brown but you know, I can't quite afford that. A black leather jacket can add instant edge and sex appeal to pretty much anything. I alternate wearing my leather jacket with the next item, which is...
A black blazer! Another essential. Adds smartness. Need I say more?
Collared shirts! I personally would like one in almost every colour, but again, I don't have unlimited money... unfortunately... Collared shirts can add some preppiness to any outfit, they're sooo adorable! I love wrapping a thin scarf around the collar and tying it in a bow underneath. Too cute! :)

Tights! I want them in different patterns, different colours, different styles! Ah, they're so much cuter than jeans in my opinion. Plus they can be dressed up or dressed down. At the moment, I'm really into wearing sheer tights with black socks just above the knee :)

Scarves again make a statement and they go with pretty much everything, especially if it has a cool pattern! And of course they keep you super warm :D

Combat boots! I honestly think I wear these babies every day. Like, not even kidding, I'm obsessed. They go with EVERYTHING!!!! And they're comfy which is of course important to me :)

Crosses. Anything with a cross on it. I don't know why I'm so crazy about them considering I'm not a Christian. I just think...they're! I think I have to incorporate a cross into every single outfit somewhere...

So that's about it, I can't wait until I FINALLY get some money to buy some things on my wishlist!

Oh yay, a friend just got here so I'm off. Ta taaaa!! :)

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