Monday, 6 June 2011

Mum always told me not to play with scissors

So today was just a chill day, been lazing around the house in my trackies feeling motivated to do something but not knowing what to do. After checking out some lookbooks (on Youtube as well as on websites) I realised how hopelessly bored I am with my clothes so I went to my pyjama drawer. Obviously it contains my pyjamas, but also bits of clothing I never wear anymore and occasionally just sleep in. Clothes that I don't mind if  they get wrecked. So I figured I'd try and customise em, make em new again. Key word in that sentence is try.

Someone that can barely draw or even walk in a straight line (namely, me) should probably not be cutting up clothes. But hey, at least they're old. This basic grey t-shirt was a bit of a fail. I was aiming to sort of turn it into a more slouchy shirt that can hang over my shoulder. But I cut a bit too much off, and then I ended up with it looking ridiculously baggy.

I tried to make some alterations to it but it really just didn't work.

Looks a bit like I'm a little girl trying on Mummy's clothes and they don't fit me very well. Actually, no, it looks like a seventeen year old girl tried to cut her clothes and failed miserably. Oh wait, that happened...

So then I tried something different with a dress I bought from Primark last year when I visited London. I fell in love with the picture on the shirt so I bought it without trying it on,  but when I got back I realised didn't quite like the cut of the dress at the bottom... so into the pyjama drawer it went. So I thought it would be cool to just sort of transform it into a shirt. But as I can't cut in a straight line, the bottom was really sort of jagged... dunno if that's really the right word but you get what I mean... so I ended up cutting a sort of semicircle into the bottom and tying the sides together to cover my rough cutting skills. I think I sort of fixed it, it looks okay I reckon... Excuse the trackies btw, I did say it was a lazy day...

Still pretty messed up but I put a jacket over it and it looks heaps better. One good thing that's come out of today!!

Even though I failed, I won't be giving up! I'll try again on some more old shirts and now I've learned from my mistakes :)

I'm off to see what else I have in my wardrobe that I can maybe wear in a different way without causing grievous bodily harm to my poor clothes!

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